New Construction Pros and Cons

New Construction Pros and Cons You may be considering a new house or condo, but aren’t sure you’re totally willing to wait for one to be finished. If only there were a place you could get an overview of the pros and cons of buying new. Wait, there’s a list below! Pros of New Construction: […]

Your Guide to Buying an Older Home in Brooklyn NY

For a lot of home buyers, buying their dream home means choosing an older structure that has passed the test of time. These grand places have an undeniable charm about them, with classic styling that can be adapted to nearly any taste. Older homes can be incredible places to live and love, but no home […]

Step by Step guide to Mortgage Pre-Approval in Brooklyn NY

Step by step guide to a mortgage pre-approval in Brooklyn NY. Have questions? Need help obtaining a pre-approval? Feel free to Contact Us anytime.  If you find yourself sitting in a strange hallway, waiting for a stranger in a suit to size you up and decide if you’re worthy as your palms sweat and your […]

Understanding the Loan Estimate Form

Shopping for a house can be stressful, but choosing a loan has the potential to be just as bad. There’s a lot to know, a small window in which to figure it all out and a 30 year commitment to a loan product that might just not be right for you for to worry about. […]