What to know about Rent Stabilization and Rent Control in Brooklyn NYC

Information provided by: www.hcr.ny.gov  A number of communities in New York State have rent regulation programs known as rent control and rent stabilization. Two aspects of rent regulation are to protect tenants in privately-owned buildings from illegal rent increases and to allow owners to maintain their buildings while realizing a reasonable profit. Rent control is the […]

What happens when a Brooklyn Condo Board won’t Let you Close?

By Daniel Akerman, Listing Specialist with the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark II.  Many people are familiar with the fact that in New York City many properties that are purchased are in co-ops, and they are aware of the unique powers that a co-op board has in approving or denying a purchase […]

What you Need to know about Listing Agreements in Brooklyn NY

A listing agreement (or listing contract) is a binding contract entered into by the seller of a property and you, as the seller’s listing agent. There is no requirement that the listing agreement be on a specific form. However, to be legally binding it must be written in clear and unambiguous language, and it must […]