How Seniors Can Make Downsizing a Success

Article courtesy of Michael Longsdon at Most seniors find downsizing an overwhelming experience. It isn’t always easy to search for the right home for your needs, as well as deciding what to take with you. A smaller home presents space and storage issues that require selecting the most important items to bring along and […]

What to consider when Buying New Floors

Your new house is pretty awesome, otherwise you would never have considered buying it. But, there are some things about it that are a lot more awesome than others. Take, for example, that kitchen floor. You wouldn’t say it’s ugly, but you’ve seen better design harmony in a restaurant trash bin. It’s gotta go. Your […]

Brooklyn Real Estate Market Report JULY 2019

Brooklyn Real Estate Market Report July 2019. Courtesy of the Brooklyn Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark ll in Brooklyn NY. Market Snapshot Hello Summer, Goodbye Spring! As we write this the weather is 96 degrees outside so as you can imagine, people are barbecuing, going to beaches, dipping into pools, etc. As for […]