The team has recently been discussing a lot of different things and in our conversations we usually discover some really cool topics, tools, resources, etc. With that said, in our last few meetings we’ve been speaking about what’s happening in the economy and the importance of having an emergency fund. With mortgage rates rising, inflation running hot, consumer debt rising, and the Fed continuing to tighten, it is pretty clear that we may be in for a slowdown in the economy soon. 

Slowdowns and/or recessions can lead to less consumer spending, less home purchases, more layoffs, etc. As a result, it’s extremely important to always have a good emergency fund. In order to calculate how much we need in our emergency funds, we use an online calculator from If you haven’t started your emergency fund, or if you aren’t sure if your emergency fund is sufficient, check out this website. 

How much do I need for Emergencies? >

Something else we’ve spoken about recently is getting sick. Reason why is because there has been something going around recently and almost all of our team members got it. First it was Duane, then George got sick, then Abi, then Ana, and most recently Chris. For the most part everyone said that it felt like a common cold, and everyone got over it in a week or two, however, nowadays if you get sick the first question is, is it COVID? 

So, now we’ve all been stocking up on free covid tests just so that we can test ourselves whenever we get sick. In our line of business, we’re constantly going into people’s houses so we find it a responsible thing to do is to test ourselves if we come down with something. If you’ve also gotten sick recently, or if you’re like us and just want to know if it’s COVID or not, then check out and order some free covid tests. You get 8 tests when you order. 

Free Covid Tests >

And the other thing we’ve been talking about recently is Airbnb’s new categories feature. Have you seen it yet? It’s pretty cool because you can enter in your dates or month, then search through different categories instead of searching by location. They have things like “Camping”, “Treehouses”, “Domes”, “Barns”, “Tiny Homes”, etc. It’s a great way to discover new places that you otherwise wouldn’t think of. Some pretty cool homes on there! Check it out and plan your next getaway 🙂 


And lastly, if you haven’t already, check out our podcast. We’re putting out new episodes more consistently and we cover a variety of different topics so you may find it interesting, or entertaining 🙂  


Well, that’s it for this month. Thanks for reading and for staying connected. As always, if you have any questions, need any advice, or could use some recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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